Sam and I celebrated the spring equinox last Saturday, and it was a lovely, relaxing time. We had been planning to have a friend over for dinner, but we were both not feeling quite up to it, so we postponed the dinner until Sunday. What we did do was sit outside in the backyard, make a wreath, and dye some eggs.

It was both of our first time dying eggs, as we were both raised Jewish, we’d never done it before. The dyes we made were red onion skins (rusty color), purple cabbage (that beautiful blue), and turmeric (the yellow which came out a lot lighter than I expected). We used these instructions, and gathered leaves from the yard to make the prints, holding them on through the dying process with pieces of pantyhose. They came out so beautifully, it’s really encouraged me to do another natural dying project. I have some yarn I’ve been planning to dye for a long time, and Sam’s exited about dying all his white shirts.

The wreath has wilted, sadly, but the vase on the table is still beautiful, and the pear blossoms are blooming.

I also worked on embroidering a label for my new dress! Yes, it’s finished!

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