Discovery Trail & Marsh’s Free Museum




Our second day at the Sou’wester, it was a sunny morning, and we decided to bike up the Discovery Trail towards Long Beach. We borrowed bikes from the lodge. They weren’t in very good working order, and only had one speed, so we were really missing our bikes at home, but we still managed to have fun on the trail.





It followed the path taken by Clark and his men from their fort near Cape Disappointment up the Long Beach Peninsula. Along the trail there were statues and monuments marking their walk, commemorating things like: “Here they came across a dead sturgeon on the beach.” And then there would be a statue of Clark looking thoughtfully down at a statue of a giant dead fish on the sand. Sam thought that the creation of the trail would have made an excellent episode of Parks and Rec. I told him he should write it.



We sat down for lunch at a statue of “Clark’s Tree”, but the wind soon began to blow in a cold rain, so we headed for a picnic pavilion at the Long Beach beach approach.





After lunch we locked up our bikes and walked into Long Beach. I remembered going there as a kid, and I wanted to be sure to show Sam Marsh’s Free Museum. Marsh’s is a classic place to visit – it’s filled with all kinds of oddities and ephemera. We saw plenty of stuffed birds and animals, (a calf with two heads!), giant music boxes that play from metal discs, an orchestra machine, and a row of old peep shows. There’s plenty of touristy souvenir junk for sale in the middle of the store, but what’s hidden around the edges is really worth it.




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