Seaview and the Sou’wester






The second weekend of April, Sam and I finally got a chance to take a vacation to the Sou’wester! We’d been planning on going for several months, but we kept having to reschedule for various reasons. The Sou’wester is an awesome old lodge with a few cabins that are available to stay in, but most of their accommodations are vintage travel trailers parked on the lawn. We stayed in a really cute trailer with a kitchen, tiny bathroom, and cozy bed nook. Just outside our door was a common area with picnic tables, a fire pit, and a hammock, and there was a sauna that we enjoyed a short walk away. The lodge’s glassed-in porch is now a store, with local food items and work from (mostly Portland) artists. It’s located in Seaview on the Long Beach Peninsula in SW Washington. It took us a two-hour drive to get there, but it’s actually closer to Astoria, Oregon than to any large city in Washington.







As soon as we arrived, we took a walk down the road to the beach, but it was so windy we didn’t stay long. We drove down the peninsula and had dinner at a fish and chips place in Ilwaco, and when we came back I ended up taking a nice sunny relaxing nap laying in Sam’s lap while he worked on his re-read of the Song of Ice and Fire series.




Then we headed in to the lodge for a show at 8:30. They often host free shows on the weekends, which is pretty cool. Two people played, and they weren’t bad, nice to listen to while I cast on my Primavera sock, but nothing super interesting.
We spent the next day out in Longview (more on that tomorrow), and when we came back in the evening Sam started up cooking dinner while I went for a walk by myself on the beach. The sand was covered in these little blue and clear things being washed up by the waves, my guess was that they were egg sacs of some kind, but I’m still not sure. Whatever they were, they were beautiful.






I came back to our little trailer to a delicious dinner of local and super fresh steamer clams, (my first!) that Sam made on the tiny stove. Thank you Sam! Then we wandered over to the lodge and borrowed some movies to watch on the old-school TV/VHS combo we had in our place. We watched Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out, and about half of Pretty In Pink before we called it a night and went to bed. A relaxing end to a good day.

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