Garlic Harvest






We finally harvested the garlic that’s been growing since last fall. I was worried that they’d all be pretty small.. but the heads are actually mostly good-sized.

We grew four varieties, one hard-neck, and three soft-neck. The hard-neck we hung up on this makeshift drying rack in the shed, and the soft neck we braided. One variety, Nootka Rose, we braided the same day it was harvested, but we left the other two to dry out for a week before braiding as an experiment. I do think these second braids are tighter, but it’s also partly because in addition to tying off the end of the braid, I started tying the three heads together at the beginning as well when we started the braid. This is the tutorial we used, it was pretty good, but I would definitely recommend tying the three heads together at the beginning, it really helps to hold the braid together.

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