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It’s been a pretty intense few months for me. My new job has taken up most of my energy, and I’ve been going a little in and out of depression again. My uncertainty about my job has calmed down now, and I’ve started back up again taking vitamin D, so I’m working on the depression bit.

It’s so easy for me to spend all my free time planning provocations and thinking anout work and my classroom environment (because I’ve got so many ideas!), but I’ve realized that I really need to create more separation in my life, or else I won’t do anything but work.

So a couple weekends ago I sat down and got out my mousie kit from Alicia Paulson that I bought myself for my birthday a few years ago. I’d been telling myself that I was waiting for the right time to make it, and it felt like the right time.

I feel like I’ve been in a rut with my creative work – not spending a lot of time making things, and not feeling very inspired. Making Posie (what I named my new mouse :) was really fun and relaxing. The kit let me focus on the actual making, and not worry about the ideas and inspiration part, which was just what I needed.

Now I have all these new ideas of things I want to create – a small quilt/bedding for Posie’s basket, partly as practice for the next thing – a wool quilt/blanket for our bed. I’m even feeling exited about knitting again!

Some other things:

– Sam and I have started having Shabbat dinners together weekly. It’s been very grounding and fulfilling.

– I decided that I’m not going to make a calendar this year or do any craft fairs. I’ve been so busy and stressed about my new job that it would just be adding a whole new layer of intensity right when I’m getting settled in at work. Next year!

– We planted two asian pears, one plum, and one red currant last weekend in the backyard – with some help from my two favorite two-year-olds.

– Posie’s whiskers look a bit scraggly in these photos I took- I keep forgetting to starch/trim them!

2 thoughts on “End of October

  1. So glad to see you posting again! Too bad about the calendars because I’ve got people wanting 2016. But I totally understand.

  2. Polly, you and Sam are treasures! What a beautiful website and gorgeous pictures.
    I do hope you two are keeping warm now since I think the winter will be quite severe.
    Will we see you both on Thanksgiving? Maybe not since I think your Mom will be somewhere else.

    Take care of yourselves and be healthy and happy! Love you, Grandma Helene

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