mmmmm……  weekend.

I actually slept in on Saturday, and I only left the house once – to go to the co-op, so that doesn’t really count, right?  On Friday night we had some friends over for Shabbat dinner, and Sam made this delicious Chicken and Apples in Honey Mustard Sauce, and I made this Pumpkin Bread. (Can you tell what our favorite recipe blog is?) I’m really feeling good about our Shabbat dinners right now. It’s so good to have a dedicated time each week to really put effort into being together, and having a special meal, and it’s fun to invite different people to share it with us.

All this week I’ve been working on a new project – I’m making a wool blanket for the bed. It’s actually going to be much like a quilt. I bought some wool sweaters at goodwill, felted them, and am cutting out 5-inch squares to later be sewn together in a pattern. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll just leave it at that, or make it even more like a quilt by adding batting and a backing. It would be super warm with a 100% wool quilt top!

The other handwork projects I’m working on are finishing my Sauvie Island socks (which were meant to be for Sam, but turned out too small – I know who they’re going to for Hanukkah though!), and knitting a patch onto the elbow of Sam’s beloved orange sweater.

I’ve also been reading. So much. The past two weeks I’ve averaged a book a day. Crazy, compared with how much time I actually have in a day. It’s mainly because it’s something nice and relaxing I can do while sitting in my car during my lunch break.

We replaced the furnace filter and turned on the heat this week- I’m so glad. I love being cozy in the winter. Actually, I love being cozy all the time.  Speaking of cozy, tonight I’m putting our flannel sheets on the bed!

One thought on “Weekend

  1. What a cool quilt project! Yes it sounds very warm. Maybe you can felt the sweater I knitted Sam that he doesn’t wear any more. The alpaca just wants to felt all on its own.

    I’m going to try the recipes as well.

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